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Your Word of the Day

...tell us how you really feel and what you really think...

Your Word of the Day or Words of the Day
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Sometimes one word speaks thousands!

Objective: Post a word that best represents how YOU are feeling, what YOU are thinking, how YOU are behaving, how people are treating YOU, what YOU are studying, etc. etc.! Yes, this is all about YOU and language!


1. Only the word in the subject heading. Including the language/origin of the word (other than English) if applicable.
2. Pronunciation and definition of the word.
3. Your source for the pronunciation, definition.
4. Try to use a word that's "just right" for what you want to convey and/or that's interesting and not often used in the English language when speaking and/or writing.

Other: Please feel free to add additional material, writing, etc. that supports your word of the day.